How much notice do you require to deliver a skip?

We normally require 24 hours notice for deliveries, however we will always try to accommodate any more urgent requirements

How much does a skip cost and how can I pay for it?

The price of skips is dependent on the size and location. Payment can be made over the phone by debit or credit card or to the driver on delivery. Please call us on 01372 378764 for further information.

Can I have a skip on the road, verge or pavement outside my property?

Yes, however you will require a Skip Permit/Licence from your local council. We will arrange this permit for you however the councils do charge a fee for the licence and it can take a couple of days to arrange.

Do I have to put lights on the skip?

Yes it is your responsibility to ensure that the skip is lit during the hours of darkness in accordance with the terms of the skip licence.

Someone has told me that I cannot put plasterboard into the skip. Is this true?

Due to recent changes in waste regulations you can no longer mix plasterboard with other waste as it has to be taken.for specialist recycling. If you have a quantity of plasterboard please call us on 01372 378764 to arrange for a dedicated skip for its collection

Where can I get lights?

We sell lights for use on the skip.

Is there anything I am not allowed to put in the skip?

The following items cannot be put in the skip: Fridges/Freezers, Tyres, Asbestos, Batteries, Gas Bottles, Flourescent light bulbs, Paints and Solvents

I can’t wait for a licence and I am not sure if I have enough room on my drive to have a skip. What can I do?

Please give us call on 01372 378764 for advice about access requirements for our vehicles and possible alternatives such as a wait and load or grab lorry.

I would like the skip on my drive, how wide are your trucks.

Our standard skip lorry requires a minimum of 9’6” (2.9 metres) width to gain access, regardless of what size skip you have ordered. If you have site restrictions, then please contact our team on 01372 378764 to discuss alternatives.

What size skip do I need and how much can I put into it?

It is always a difficult question to answer. Strictly speaking skips should only be loaded level with the sides. Please remember that our driver has to take the skip on the public highway and a good rule of thumb would be … “would you feel comfortable following your skip on the motorway?”. Load it safely so that nothing overhangs or could fall out in transit. Some skips are designed for light materials only – check skip details web page for more information.

Will my drive be damaged by the skip?

Block paved and soft tarmac drives can be damaged when placing skips on them. Heavy skips, which require stabilising equipment, may also potentially cause damage. While we will take every care to prevent damage, please be aware if the ground or property is not suitable for a HGV D & E Roberts will not take responsibility for any damage to a customer’s property, premises or manholes.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the property is capable of carrying the weight of a HGV. The placement of the skip is done so at the customers own risk. We will not place skips on grassed areas, neither will the vehicle drive across or place stabilising equipment onto a grass area.

We will not place stabilising equipment on public footpaths or any other council property other than the public highway. All skips must be level loaded and larger skips (over 6 yards) must not contain heavy materials, to ensure the safe transportation back to our recycling centre. Should you need advice please call our team on 01372 378764 who will be more than happy to help.



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