Hassle free skip hire and waste solutions.

With over 40 years experience in recycling, waste management and skip hire in Surrey, we have the team and fleet to handle the very smallest to the most demanding of waste removal projects.

Welcome to D&E Roberts skip hire in Surrey, the eco friendly and tech savvy skip hire company. Our fleet of purpose built and GPS tracked vehicles are on standby to handle the smallest to the most demanding waste removal project. And when we’ve collected your waste, we use our state of the art on-site facility to sort and recover almost everything!


40 years of recycling and waste management experience



Using our very own bespoke recycling plant we are now able to recycle and recover about 90-95% by weight of the waste we collect.


Grab Loaders

Grab Loaders are the ideal choice for quick removal of material from site and saving you the hassle of loading a skip yourself!


Roll on, Roll off

The perfect choice for efficient and cost effective removal for large, bulky light and medium density waste from commercial, industrial and construction sites.



Muckaway is the perfect choice for the delivery of aggregates or moving bulk excavated materials

The three simple steps to picking the perfect skip.

1. How big?

Picking the right size skip can feel a bit overwhelming. But fear not, we can help you find the perfect skip in no time!

2. Where will it go?

If you need a skip on public land, we’ll help you get a highway permit. Please call for additional details and help arranging this.

3. What’s going in it?

We’ve got the facilities to dispose of most things. But some things will have an additional disposal fee. If you’re disposing of heavy items, like soil or rubble, you will need to consider the size of the skip but we can advise you on this.

Quick Skip Selector

Areas that D&E
Roberts cover.

From our headquarters in Leatherhead we cover the majority of Surrey and South West London.

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