Skip Hire in Surrey

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Serving Surrey for 40 years

In Surrey, finding a dependable and environmentally responsible solution for waste management is crucial. That’s where D&E Roberts steps in, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to tackle waste efficiently while prioritizing sustainability.

From versatile skip hire options catering to all sizes of waste removal tasks to innovative grab loaders and muckaway services for bulk material transportation, every need is covered. The roll-on/roll-offs service simplifies dealing with bulky waste, making it a go-to for commercial and construction projects.

Our commitment to recycling transforms waste into valuable resources, significantly reducing the ecological footprint.


With D&E Roberts, clients not only receive a streamlined waste management solution but also contribute to a more sustainable future

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Skip Hire in Surrey

Our skip hire services in Surrey offer a flexible solution for managing waste, whether for a home renovation project or large-scale construction work. This service ensures that your waste is handled efficiently, with minimal environmental impact.


Skip Hire

With a range of sizes and eco-friendly disposal practices, customers enjoy hassle-free waste management that supports recycling efforts.

The three simple steps to picking the perfect skip.

1. How big?

Picking the right size skip can feel a bit overwhelming. But fear not, we can help you find the perfect skip in no time!

2. Where will it go?

If you need a skip on public land, we’ll help you get a highway permit. Please call for additional details and help arranging this.

3. What’s going in it?

We’ve got the facilities to dispose of most things. But some things will have an additional disposal fee. If you’re disposing of heavy items, like soil or rubble, you will need to consider the size of the skip but we can advise you on this.

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Grab Loaders &
in Surrey.

The grab loader and muckaway service in Surrey is ideal for projects requiring the removal of large volumes of waste or aggregates. This service offers the flexibility and efficiency to keep projects on schedule, ensuring safe and compliant disposal or delivery of materials.


Grab Loaders & Muckaway

Our Grab Loaders & Muckaway service in Surrey stands out as a pinnacle of efficiency and reliability, designed to meet the needs of both small-scale and large-scale projects.

Roll On/Roll Offs
in Surrey.

For those dealing with bulky or large volumes of waste, the roll-on/roll-off containers in Surrey are a perfect match. These containers are designed for ease of use and efficiency, making them suitable for commercial, industrial, and construction sites aiming for cost-effective waste management solutions.


Roll On/Roll Offs

The Roll On/Roll Off service in Surrey is a cornerstone of our comprehensive waste management solutions, catering to the diverse needs of commercial, industrial, and construction sectors.


Recycling in Surrey

Embracing state-of-the-art technology, the recycling services in Surrey are at the forefront of sustainable waste management. With advanced sorting and recovery processes, a significant volume of material is diverted from landfills, reinforcing the commitment to environmental stewardship.



This service not only minimizes ecological impact but also supports the circular economy by turning waste into resources.


Aggregates in Surrey

Offering both recycled and primary aggregates, this service caters to construction and landscaping projects with a focus on sustainability. High-quality materials are available for collection or delivery, ensuring projects not only meet but exceed environmental standards.



From our recycling facility in Leatherhead we have available for collection or delivery a variety of recycled aggregates.



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